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GPS Leica GS14

Hi Mates

are anyone familiar with leica GS 14 GPS surveying equipment. I am seeking help as to how to commence a project with arbitrary co ordinates and heights with this equipment. Also i am from the Caribbean (st Lucia) where we use the british west indies grid with no Geoid.  How do i enter coordinates system or this coordinates system in the data collector.



St Lucia

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    Here is a copy of the Manual for the Leica GS14 if that helps...

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      Leica GS14 Manual

    • If you look thru the book that was just will need to do a "Quick Ground" localization. This can be done using only one point with arbitrary coords and elev or you can do a two point localization holding only 1 point as "fixed" and the other as establishing a bearing line (Basis of Bearing) This works great for projects under 6 or 7 kilometers in size. It starts getting "sloppy" much further away. Set your base near the center of your project for best results and extending the accuracy. If you need to convert to geodetic data, you can post process in Infinity.

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      Hi, thanks for very much for your response.

      Question- if i have one know point with coords and elev and i were to do a localization with this know point would a reduce elev transfer to the survey points and would they accurate. secondly you said this works best for a project under 6 to 7 km.if i am doing a road topo survey 40km long would it be best to set up the base at 6 km intervals so i can get 6 km coverage on both sides of the base?

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