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Surveyor Needed in El Cerrito, CA

I am asking for a personal favor from any surveyor who is up for a small challenge in El Cerrito, CA.  A good friend is simply trying to have a survey performed on his private drive and its very strange that he can't seem to find a surveyor up for the challenge.  This odd situation happening in El Cerrito (outside of Oakland) pertains to a home in a subdivision with a private drive.  Two surveyors have been called and both quoted gigantic fees but never called back or followed up.  I've been told that both surveyors seemed bewildered at conducting the survey.  This has been going on for 6 months. Therefore I am asking for someone to please give the owner a call and discuss the issue and perform a survey.

This is his contact information.  If you would be so kind as to call him, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please drop a comment below to tell us it is being handled and we will remove this post.

Much Appreciated.

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  • Land Surveyor
    Looks like a long driveway on google earth, & sounds like he might be looking for a legal description for ingress & egress ? Or is he looking for a topo for re-paving?
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