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  • Land Surveyor
    Is that true that land surveyors are poor in the US?
    I've been talking to 4 surveyors I found on facebook and they earn about $2000/month.
  • Student Surveyor
    Please i have been given coordinates of before blasting to plot and after blasting to plot. I have that on two seperate A3 sheets. I’m now to plot another graph to get the volume and also thats i jave been given the chainage at 5m interval and also the levels. What i just need is how to get my graph right. I’m a 3rd year student in civil engineering.please inbox me with this [email protected] so i can send u the pictures of the graph i ploted. Thanks a lot.
  • Survey Legend

    Hello Henry

    If you'd like to know more about something specifically on this network, you'll need to first Add a New Discussion (by clicking the add button above) and be as detailed as possible about what you are trying to find information about.  We have an entire group called GPS Professionals where you might be able to find the info you seek or simply add the new discussion and someone is bound to reply to you.  Leaving it as a comment on a group will most likely not get it answered.  As for SURVEYOR FEAR, i think you will be pleasantly surprised at the openess of surveyors on this network as we are all here to help one another...not hurt each other.  Good luck!


    Hi my name is Henry Sackar, i want to express the difficulty of a fresh man in the proffesion. It is very strange how practicing surveyors guard their rates jealously thus making it difficult for new ones to have a guide when it comes to rates and charges, but it is quite understandable of the fear of being under-cut and actually cut out of bussiness

  • i also want to be a member if any boby need discus in urdu i offer my self to help
  • Land Surveyor
    Hi, my name is Deward "Karl" Bowles. I am a Registered Professional Land Surveyor in the State of Texas and have held a License as a Professional Land Surveyor in New Jersey. I am here to answer any general questions the Public may have about Land Surveyors and Land Surveys. I am not a lawyer and any advice in this area I give would be that of a layman. I have served as an expert witness on many surveying related legal actions concerning minimum content of land surveys, minimum standards land surveys are produced under and boundary opinion. My area of expertise is in a traditional (American) Colonial metes and bounds system setting. I am very familiar with Public Land System States as well although I have never practiced in that venue and do not consider myself an expert. I have been writing articles for my local Society news letter under the heading "Chain!" for a couple of three years now. If I can give what I believe is a rational piece of advice or opinion on any question I will do so.
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