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Zip Staker - Any Surveyor's New Best Friend - Introduction

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Overview; Two basic applications exist in the survey or measurement environment, namely

the setout of a predefined calculated position, or the measurement of existing position or feature for recording.
The surveyor or surveying technician typically performs this duty.
For decades the surveyors plumbing device has been a plumb bob, rod, staff, pole or stick held in the plumb position. Some 30 plus years ago an EDM reflector or prism was mounted on top of the rod, followed, in recent years by a GPS receiver, and in some applications, a data collector.

In the traditional survey process, the rod is positioned at the desired location and a measurement taken. In the set out application the rod is moved over and over again until the desired position is found. Once the desired position is found the rod is moved out of the way and the point is set. The rod is then returned to the set point and another measurement is taken to check the accuracy and if needed the rod is removed and the set point is adjusted. This process is repeated over and over again until the desired accuracy is achieved.

The Zip Staker™ places the reflector receiver with a laser light plumbing device directly over each other on a pivoting swing arm. The Zip Staker™ can be mounted on top of any survey rod or tribrach adaptor with the standard 5/8 by 11 threads. The rod is moved into close proximity of the setout position, 3 or 4 tenths of a foot. The Zip Staker™ has a working radius of approximately 0.8 feet measured from the center of the rod. With the aid of a bipod or similar device the rod is plumbed and the Zip Staker™ is then pivoted until the rod person using the data collector or the instrument operator finds the Zero, Zero position. With the aid of a bipod the surveyor can concentrate on the rod mounted data collector watching for the Zero, Zero position. The surveyor need not concentrate on plumbing the rod and watching the data collector simultaneously. With the laser light plumbing device attached to the Zip Staker™ the light is visible on the ground and the point can be set and adjusted if need be without repetitive movements of the rod. The light is continually visible on the ground while the point is being set.

The Zip Staker™ is also a valuable tool when measuring existing structures or features such as the corner of a concrete slab or any elevated vertical surface. Anyone working in the field will testify that it can be challenging to put the rod tip on the corner of concrete while hold the rod in position and the measurement is taken. The Zip Staker™ can be placed near the corner of concrete and pivoted into position until the laser light designator is shining on the concrete edge. The measurement can then be taken accurately on a vertical surface without the frustration of trying to position the rod

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