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Virtual Surveyor 6.2 step by step [EASY]

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Get up and running with Virtual Surveyor 6.2 step by step:

1) Clipping
- You can cut off part of your orthophoto and DSM with a boundary and make a nice and clean clip of your project area. 

2) Mosaics
- You can now merge multiple smaller processed chunks of orthophotos and digital surface models (DSM) into a single project and create smooth edges between these pieces. This seamless mosaic can be exported to a new tif file or serve as the basis for a full area virtual survey.

3) Renumbering
- You can select one or multiple survey items in the data set and automatically (re)number them sequentially from any chosen starting number.

4) Export volumes
You can set the surface to be displayed and exported as outlines only. Exporting to a shapefile will include the volume measurement in the attribute table.

5) Select within
- You can trace around an unwanted feature, such as a water body, and delete that object and all the points within it.

6) Contours
- Working with contours changed. Contours are now a style property for a surface and are not created as a seperate items.

7) Hulls
- Creating a surface for a curved motorway is now as fast and simple as creating section lines. The concave hull functions allows the user to select the section line and the rounded boundary of the curved area is generated automatically. 

8) Extract points
- Extract the vertices from breaklines to points and create annotations for each vertex of your breakline.

9) Fly throuhgs
- You can select way points and create a movie that allows the viewer to fly through the terrain in three dimensions.

Do you want to start a trial or need more information? https://www.virtual-surveyor.com

Virtual Surveyor is Smart Drone Mapping Software.

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