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Trick: Convert Your Thoughts to Text with Google Voice

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I can think of literally a million situations where a land surveyor might need to quickly take note of his/her thoughts in the field. I can also see where having a backup copy of these thoughts in both audio and text (time-stamped) might come in handy. Perhaps you might need them for court one day (hopefully not). Maybe you might find it simpler to record and transcribe your thoughts so you can copy/paste them into a story on Land Surveyors United (hint hint). Nevertheless, Google Voice is an incredible tool with many possibilities for making your surveying life more organized and productive. Google Voice has actually one-upped Apples Visual Voicemail by adding the new voice transcription feature to what is already an incredible voicemail system. The audio for all of your messages is saved in an inbox that works just like an email inbox. This alone is pretty cool, but then they convert the message to text and put it in your inbox too. When you click the play button to hear the voicemail, the transcribed text is highlighted in sync with the audio. The words that are in black text are usually perfect, while the ones in gray are 50/50. They also send the text to your email, so that you can read the message without having to play it. This cuts hours and hours of blah, blah, blah time out of your life. Convert Your Thoughts to Text with Google Voice This video tutorial shows how to use Google Voice to text that can be used in other applications. You can find other tips and tricks like this in the Surveyors Online Toolbox: http://landsurveyorsunited.com/group/surveyorsonlinetoolbox/forum/

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