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Surveying using the Topcon GPT9000 Robotic Total StationWith a 2,000 meter reflectorless long mode range and X-TRAC™ 7 Quick-Lock prism tracking technology, this robotic total station truly sets the standard in robotic target acquisition. X-TRAC 7 provides fast prism tracking even when exposed to other reflective objects. The system uses an on/off cycle for the tracking beam and signal size measurement logic to determine what is a prism and what is a shiny object that should be ignored. Non-prism objects are automatically ignored. The total station’s long range power also translates into unparalleled short range performance. The system provides pinpoint accuracy with a narrow, focused beam. Completely cable-free, the total station features an integrated, full-color graphical Windows® CE color touch screen interface, backlit keyboard, and super-fast robotic servo technology. A 2.4 GHz interference-free Spread Spectrum Radio is built into the side panel of the instrument, so no off-board dedicated channel radios are needed for remote operation. The 1,000 meter range between the instrument and the field controller (sold separately) provides an impressive communications range for the components of your system. The waterproof, dustproof instrument design withstands even the harshest job site conditions. Specifications Angle Measurement – Method: Absolute Reading. Horizontal: 2 sides. Vertical: 2 sides. Minimum Reading: 1˝/5˝ (0.2/1mgon). Accuracy: 5˝ (1.5mgon). Tilt Correction: Dual axis. Compensating Range: ±6'. Distance Measurement – Prism Mode: 1 prism, 9,840' (3,000m); 3 prism, 13,120' (4,000m); 9 prism, 16,400' (5,000m). Accuracy: Fine 0.2mm/1mm, ±(2mm+2ppmxD) m.s.e.; Coarse 1mm, ±(7mm+2ppmxD) m.s.e.; Coarse 10mm, ±(10mm+2ppmxD) m.s.e. Non-Prism Mode: 4.9' to 820' (1.5m to 250m). Non-Prism Accuracy: Fine 0.2mm/1mm, ±(5mm) m.s.e.; Coarse 1mm/10mm, ±(10mm) m.s.e. Non-Prism Long Mode: 16.4' to 6,500' (5.0m to 2,000m). Non-Prism Long Mode Accuracy: Fine 1mm, ±(10mm+10ppmxD) m.s.e.; Coarse 5mm, ±(20mm+10ppmxD) m.s.e.; Coarse 10mm, ±(100mm) m.s.e. User Interface – Operating System: Microsoft Windows® CE.NET 4.2. Processor: Intel PXA255 400 Mhz. Screen: Full-color touch screen.Read More:

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