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Tip for Vendors: Sections of Marketplace Hub and How to Generate RSS Feeds

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This video is about how to use your Marketplace hub on Land Surveyors United to send posts, products, specials and more to your customers while also allowing those posts to blast out to social media profiles, platforms ect.

Learn more inside the Land Surveyor Wiki https://landsurveyorsunited.com/wiki

More Vendor Guides here: https://www.smarketplace.org/get-your...

Think about it this way... All sections of a Marketplace Hub generate RSS Feeds that you can also use to syndicate your posts to Your Social Media Profiles. Use RSS Ground to generate your Posting Campaigns to your own Social Media Marketplace Hubs also have the option to turn on other modules such as an Events Page, Podcasts, Social Media Import, Youtube Channel Import.

How to Use the Various Features of your Marketplace Hub

Hub Blog

Use Your Hubs Blog is a great place to share special deals and promotional pricing with Land Surveyors United Members. You can embed pretty much anything you like into blogs. Use blogs to post more in depth content and article.

Hub Forum

Use Your Hubs Forum to host support questions, answer frequently asked questions, discuss changes in technology, shout outs to members and companies, etc. Your forum can have as many categories and tags as you like for organization Hub Photos Use Your Hubs Photos

Section to share company photos, surveyor events photos, product images and slideshows. You can also embed payment buttons, documentation, videos and forms into descriptions of photos in your hub

Hub Videos

Use Your Hubs Videos to showcase products that you offer, demo equipment and software, offer webinars and virtual learning opportunities and host Live Streaming Events for your followers


Extending Your Store’s Social Reach and including Support Options

The Smarketplace is powered by new content posted inside Vendor Hubs inside Land Surveyors United.  The publishing power of a Hub, a sub community of the larger global network, basically empowers your brand to have it’s own “News” station about what vendors sell, service and support.  Our virtual mall stores drive traffic directly to the products that are on showcase.

Of course it is great to have over  20k surveyors to engage inside the community, encouraging them to follow your Marketplace Hub.  There are also many ways that you can get the most out of your Smarketplace Mall Presence and even dramatically increase your reach outside of Land Surveyors United Community..

Embed a Live Chat Specific to your brand

Capturing leads from your Smarketplace store could not be easier!  The following options are available for Vendors who own stores inside the Smarketplace Virtual Mall.    If you find a chat option that you would like to have installed into your store, email the generated code from any of the services below to [email protected] and we will install it for you.


If you would like to control your own live chat through your Smarketplace Store, we can embed a chat widget specific to your brand.  Here are a few of the ways to accomplish this:



If you set up a Manychat account and connect it to your Facebook page, it will use your Facebook Page Messenger as the live chat.  Simply sign into Manychat, attach your Facebook Page and customize your greeting.   Then email the embed code to [email protected] and we’ll install it for you.  After it is installed make all of the changes you want to the chat and it will update live Instantly.



A Whatsapp Chat plugin that you customize can be embedded into your store pages for customers and visitors to connect with you using Whatsapp.  WhatsApp widget by Elfsight is a simple tool for your website customers to stay connected with you and hear answers to their questions and requests. Be available live for clientele in their most favorite messenger all day long. Set up сhat on website and it will appear on specified pages or for specified groups of viewers. You can establish start-chat triggers, write your unique welcome message, choose icons, and even more. With the help of HTML Chat code embedded on web page, you will remain connected with your viewers anytime and from any place. 


Monitor and chat with the visitors on your website,

respond to support tickets and create a help center to

empower customers to help themselves – all 100% Free



Every Marketplace Hub inside Land Surveyors United is not only like a sub-community dedicated to a brand, it is also like its own mini-news station about said brand.  Every Marketplace Hub has the following Types of Pages:

  • Forum
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Blog
  • Articles
  • Events
  • Podcasts
  • Social Channels

Although all of them may not be turned on until you enable them, when they are turned on and set to visible by Everyone (Public) they each generate an RSS feed.   This means anytime you post ANYTHING inside any of these pages, a new item will be syndicated out like news to everywhere the feed has been embedded or programmed to receive those new items.  For our purposes, such a place is a Vendor’s Smarketplace Store Page.  This accomplishes several things at once.   1) Anytime you post to your Hub, a new update will show up inside your Store driving traffic back to your original post and helping you gain followers on your Hub.  2) Those hubs which are updated the most frequently with the best content (Pay close attention to the titles you use for posts), will not only get the most exposure from the community, it will also signal to search engines that their spiders should return and crawl more often...which basically means, the more you post, they higher chance you will have being the most frequently crawled Store inside the Mall.


And then there is the mega-boost that you can give to your content’s reach by configuring those RSS feeds to do other things and go other places everytime you post.


Using Photos

RSS Feeds Generated by Your Hub

Simply replace the following ‘xxxxxx’ in the URL with your own to get the RSS Feeds for your Marketplace Hub:







Content distribution & curation

Feeds Reader

Follow latest updates from your favorite content feeds or create a personal collection of feeds categorizing them by content types, sources or topics.

WordPress Poster

Set automated posting from a group of targeted self-updating content feeds to any category of your WordPress blog under any authorized user name.

Content Widget

Create self-updating content blocks and place them to your webpages to display latest news and updates from a list of targeted content feeds.

Blogger Poster

Set automated posting from a group of targeted self-updating content feeds to any of your Blogger blogs.

Facebook Poster

Set automated posting from a group of targeted self-updating content feeds to Facebook profiles or fan pages, Facebook groups or event pages.

LinkedIn Poster

Set automated posting from a group of targeted self-updating content feeds to one or several LinkedIn company pages or to your personal LinkedIn page.

Twitter Poster

Set automated posting from a group of targeted self-updating content feeds to one or several Twitter accounts and add custom hashtags to each post

YouTube feeds

Generate self-updating content feeds (RSS feeds) with recently added YouTube videos using a list of keywords or channel IDs.

Instagram feeds

Generate self-updating content feeds with recent personal posts published on Instagram or posts published by other business users.

More Tools for Syndicating Your Feeds

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