Surveying Targets and Prisms for Monitoring Railway Tracks

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For short and long-term monitoring of bridges, buildings and rail ways, Rothbucher System targets from Berntsen International is the best way to take advantage of your investment in high precision survey equipment. Specially developed for monitoring of rail ways, hundreds of thousands of RS targets are being used throughout Europe and now are available in North America. Once fixed on the rail line, discussion of when we can go on the track is no longer necessary. Monitoring work can be done outside of danger area, whenever you want and at your time frame. Keep your survey crews away from rail lines and outside of danger zones. It is possible to measure these targets from almost any angle. You do not need to shift the total station as often because you can reach many measuring points from one position. To be more flexible on positioning with the total station, these targets are also often used on all pillars around the construction site. For all monitoring work with robotic total station we offer the RSMP15 with mini prism that can be easily glued to any difficult surface without drilling, even on rail lines. Now accurate, low cost and complete round-the-clock monitoring of construction sites is possible. Problem areas on rail lines such as underground voids or severe track dips can now be easily verified and measured with our mini prism target even while the train is passing over the affected area. All RS survey targets and control points are made of tough, UV resistant materials and are intended for discreet, long term, highly precise control and monitoring.

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