Surveying curb and gutter [with DRONES]

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This video will show you how to map curb and gutter from drone data. Firstly, I will show you how to survey the back of the curb and the techniques you need to capture enough topographic detail. Then, I will demonstrate how you can model the curb and gutter by creating offset lines from the back of the curb. I will also show you how you can reconstruct the flow line with a field measurement. This is important because drone photogrammetry cannot capture sharp edges. You need this field information to create a survey grade CAD model. In the third part, I will show you how you overcome some common problems when surveying curb and gutter. I will show you the interpolate method that you can use to model curbs and gutters that are covered by cars. In the next section, I will demonstrate how to survey the sidewalk and how to connect the ramp properly. In the last step, I will show you how to map other objects like trees and lantern poles that complete your topographic survey.

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