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This app supports Android 4.4 and above and is available on Google PlayThe primary design for this application is for onsite Engineering Surveyors to calculate Traverse data from hand booked angles and distances which can be calculated into final Station Coordinates quickly and precisely. The units of input for angles are: Degrees, Minutes and Seconds as is the output of the calculated data. The application calculates data for both a simple Open Traverse or, more complicated Closed Traverses.For Closed Traverses there are 3 stages of calculation that this application will carry out and these being:1) Calculation of unadjusted Coordinates2) Calculation of Coordinates after automatic Angular adjustment is applied to Observed Angles.3) Calculation of Coordinates after a Bowditch Correction has automatically been applied to the observed Distances.Within all 3 stages there is a print function to display the calculated Coordinates which can be highlighted, to be selected for copying and pasting into Email, Text Messaging or can be Bluetooth'ed to a computer or other device.For an Open Traverse the application Initially calculates and outputs the following Data:1) Whole Circle Bearing and Coordinates for each Observed Station2) The total distance of completed Traverse.For a Closed Traverse the application initially computes and outputs the following Data:1) Whole Circle Bearing and Coordinates for each Observed Station2) Output of Miss-Closure for Eastings and Northings3) Output of Calculated Theoretical Angle total for Traverse loop4) Output of Observed Angle total for Traverse loop5) Output of Angular Miss-closure for Traverse loop6) Output of Angular correction for Traverse loop7) The total Distance of completed Traverse8) Balances observed Angles9) Re-Calculates Coordinates relative to balanced Angles10) Shows Traverse precision11) Apply's the Bowditch Correction Rule to finalise Coordinate precision

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