I'll update this app with other procedures when I can find time to write them up :-)

For the procedure "Circle 3 Points" the input boxes now clear on press of Calc ready for next input of data. Also for this procedure there is now a print function to list calculated data ready for export via the device share function.

This app runs on Android 4.4 and above and is available on Google play only.
This app is designed for onsite Engineering Surveyors, Land Surveyors and Site Engineers within Civil Engineering construction to perform a multitude of Surveying and Setting out Procedures with a mobile phone device.
These Procedures are:
1) Coordinate geometry -
a) Coordinates to bearing and distance
b) Coordinates with bearing and distance to Coordinates.

2) Stationing -
a) Free Station (Measured angle with 2 distances)
b) Resection
c) Intersection

3) Circle (3pts) - Calculate Centre point Coordinates of a Circle from 3 coordinated points on the circumference.

4) Whole Circle Bearing Direction – Useful for Tunnelling construction to check that the Tunnel is heading in the right direction (Open Traverse without the coordinates)

5) HPC Levelling – Will calculate Reduced Levels for HPC levelling method. Stadia Tacheometry (Horizontal Sights) is included within this section

6) Level Stakeout- Level stake out is designed to work out levels and slope distances over any given distance. (This app is useful for setting out batter rails / slope stakes, Drainage and Pipe runs) The app will take the following slope data and will (Excluding E) also compute the following slope data.

a) The Gradient
b) The incline percentage value
c) The Angle of Inclination
d) The slope Cross Fall
e) Two levels and a distance in-between

7) Excluding Stationing, there is a print function in which the required computed data is output and displayed to a print page so it can copied and sent out via the mobile devices share function.

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Reply by William Robinson on July 13, 2016 at 11:30am

Thanks Jaybird. I'll take this opportunity to mention that now Android devices take full advantage of the Google Chrome browser, Users of my apps can also use the device share function to save the print files onto Google Drive as Text files. From there, they can be opened up in Google Docs and edited if needs be and then downloaded to a computer as a .text file for further processing.

Reply by Jaybird on July 12, 2016 at 2:36pm

Terrific work, for sure!  Nice presentation!

Reply by William Robinson on July 12, 2016 at 4:34am

Thanks Survenator. My aim for the 3 apps that you kindly featured on Land Surveyors United (Much appreciated, thanks for that :-) ) was to create a basic Surveying toolkit which is always readily at hand on a mobile phone.

Thanks again.


Reply by ⚡Survenator⌁ on July 11, 2016 at 5:52pm

Nice Work!

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