Using the Sokkia Total Station

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Reply by Jacksonville Land Surveyor on November 11, 2018 at 1:26pm

The first step in setting up the total station is setting up over a point. Put the Device on top & look through an optical plummet & focus your eye. Adjust legs as needed. To level the Instrument, uses the slides on the legs, use the leveling bubbles & rotate 90 degrees.  You keep this up until the Instrument is level & you don't have to touch it. Look through the optical plummet & level to adjustment. The easiest way to sight the total station is to use the peep sights above or below the telescope. You have two locks, one that works the telescope & one that works the rotation of the Instrument. You release both locks & use the peep sight on top and set It just above the target of your sighting. You lock both upper & lower motions. Focus to your eye & slow motion the tangent to get right on the point. When using the menu selection for mapping; the orange button turns on the Instrument. You will see 0 set 0 set. Tilt the telescope slightly and rotate 360 degrees clockwise to get menu screens. There are 2 basic menus to create a file. For mapping it is best to work in coordinates. We need to know where the total station is & what direction Its pointing. Best way to measure height is with a prism pole. Now after general set up procedures, (OBS) Observation from coordinate menu, (REC) Record that data that was just shot & it will need a code & item description. Different Software used : Mapscenes, MapVisita, Crimezone. When diagramming a scene - one line for line work & one file for evidence Items. Diagram should be accurate, reliable & familiar. The 3 most basic things taught In mapping - It has to have an origin point, It has to be oriented towards an direction & have reference Info. The difference in the 2 total stations the 110 & 120 series is in the keyboard. When mapping from the F.B.I. POV  the likelihood of you testifying & supporting your mapping is very strong. You do not want to be to detailed that a defense attorney can pick on details & ignore evidence. Also be sure to take digital Images of the important items that don't seem to fit in the map. These have been my notes on how to run a Sokkia Total Station.

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