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GSR1700 CSX L1 GNSS is a highly scalable survey system offering three survey styles for centimeter-accurate surveying – static, stop-and-go and RTK. Initially, you can use the system for static or stop-and-go surveys fortopographic and control surveys, then you can upgrade to the lightestRTK system to perform real-time survey tasks, such as constructionlayout. Use Sokkia GSR NetLink fora wireless GPRS data link with no broadcast range limitation or use UHFor license free spread spectrum radio modems. The optional SDR+ S/K Editiondata collection software, made exclusively for the GSR1700 CSX system,works with surveyors of all skill levels to produce superior datacollection for any static and kinematic survey.

GPS, GLONASS, and SBAS satellite tracking allows initialization in seconds and consistent centimeter level positioning even in urban areas and in areas with dense tree coverage. Simply mount the receiver on a tripod,press the power button, and begin transmitting RTK base corrections andcollecting raw data in seconds. Multiple Bluetooth® wirelessconnections and an integrated antenna allow for convenient andcable-free surveying. The minimal learning curve of the GSR1700 CSXenables you to harness the power of GPS surveying right away and tackleyour next surveying application without breaking your budget.

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