Setting up a Surveying Tripod - Quick Step Video

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This video demonstrates the steps in how to set up a surveying tripod over a point. The purpose of the video is to be quick and straight to the point, pun intended ;) For a more in depth video, checkout our the longer version of this video which breaks down the setup process in much more detail. Step 1 โ€“ Unfold the tripod and set it over the point keeping the tripod head as level as possible. Give it a quick eyeball test to see if it is over the point and then push the feet down to lock it in place. Step 2 โ€“ Put the EMD instrument on the tripod and check the optical plummet to see how close you are. Step 3 โ€“ Adjust the leveling screws so that you are right over the point. Step 4 โ€“ Level the circular bubble by adjusting the tripod's legs. Only adjust 2 legs. Step 5 โ€“ Level the plate bubble by adjusting the leveling screws. Step 6 โ€“ Loosen the lock screw to push the optical plummet right over the point. Step 7 โ€“ Double check your bubbles and make any fine adjustments with the leveling screws.

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