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Rotate Points in Trimble Access

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In this video I show you how to rotate points in Trimble Access using the COGO feature.



I guess we'll come back to serve angled Robert so had some guys on Facebook keep me up about cocoa routines about rotating points in a file using trouble access so I know that cocoa routines internal access can be a little kind of different especially if you're used to serving a pro but I'll tell you what I'm going to show you how to do that today we're gonna load up some points and I'm gonna put this to give it for you I'm Gonna show you how to rotate through really a lot easier than you think so I'll tell you what hmm let's do this let me get this set up you guys watch this [Music] you down okay I'll get everything set up you ready to go so you guys check this out so what we're going to do is I've already created a job I've just called it red tape so we're gonna go into jobs we're going to import/export I'm going To import fixed format I'm going to go find rotate accept okay so I should have these points in here now if we go back to jobs we'll go back to properties job and look feature library I don't have anything let me show you the old trick or clayton's so if I go into map you can see you can see my points of map so there's all my points but watch what happens if you use a feature library so if I go to properties a job feature library I'll say training which is one I'm using and we'll say accept now look now we've got lines in here so to me this is huge because especially when I'm rotating points and stuff like that I like to see what's going on I don't like to just rotate a big group of points and not know that everything really rotated so this probably be my first suggestion to you because I'm not big on rotating points out in the field I'd rather do it in a office but I realized sometimes you just don't have a choice here's what We're gonna do and this is actually rotating points is a whole lot easier than you think so if I go into menu COGO I go to transformations now I'm all set rotate points so you have different options here rotate scale and translate rotates obviously what we're going to do scale would be like I want to adjust the scale I'm not exactly sure why you'd ever want to do that and translate is really handy like if you're sticking some grade and the contractor comes up Say hey I want to do base course you can actually translate all the points up like six inches per base course if you need to so let's stick with rotate so here we go so when you see the screen gets a little terminating because chances are what you guys typically are seeing is this you're seeing an origin point and a reputation and you're like I don't know what I've got to get out and calculate the angle and all this other stuff this is just Crazy this is hard this is difficult it's an easier way do it now I'm gonna tell you this older versions of access this is pretty much all you have the newer versions and I don't remember which version it was all I can tell you is a newer version they changed this they realize that this was an issue so check this out if you go out here to reputation there's these three little dots with this arrow on the side if I click on that and I say to Asmus now Look what happens I have azmuth one and asthma two so we know our origin point is point number one that's the point that in our little scenario we're going to say that's the point that we found what were what we're saying is let me go back to the map real quick what we're saying is is here at point number one we found that iron pin so then if you keyed in all the other corners and you put that in so now you're looking for them so typically we might go in put in point Number one we'll put the bearing on the plaque we'll go up here and see if we can find number two so based on that bearing and distance so let's say that we found pointing to but we shot it stored in this number five now what I want to do is I want to rotate this whole thing to match up to point number five over here so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna go back to my transformations back here and I'm gonna go in I'm gonna say to Asmus but I'm Gonna use the calculator this is the part that I think people miss so I'm go to calculator what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna say asmath so now look what happens between two points you have some other options in here what we're going to use today is between two points so if I say from point number one to point number two I want to know what that azmuth is I say except there it is I say accept so now it's populated in here so now asthma's number two that's what I Want this is where I'm rotating from this is where I'm rotating to so number two same thing two as months I'm gonna come down here to calculator I'm just gonna clear out what I had I'm gonna say azimuth again and this time I'm going over number one and I'm gonna go to point number five and I say enter and accept so it gives me that I say except there's that bearing so now then I've got buffering Zener I've got the frame from 1 to 2 and then from 1 to 5 and That second one is 1 I'm rotating - okay so let's hit next right here it says this is basically what it's asking you is what points do I want to rotate so I'm gonna say add and I'm gonna say selection from a job because I know that I just want to go from 1 to 4 or the points I want to rotate so 1 2 3 & 4 I want to rotate those to where it matches up with line 1 to 5 so now we're going to say enter and there's the four points that I just chose you'll note my command Codes on here for drawing that line work I say except applied to define transformation yes for points were transformed there you go it's rotated all of them to fit that and we can we can easily see that everything is rotated by the way so I hope this helps get you pointed in the right direction the cuddler routines and access really aren't that difficult they're just different than what you used to pretty much everything's in there I've got a Few other things that I'm looking at that some guys have asked me for then I'm gonna try to put together so it's kind of a slow process this is Monday morning and I should be getting them truckin any Mississippi right now and I'm building you this video so just kind of give you an idea how my life works so anyways guys be safe like and subscribe if you subscribe you get notified every time that I post a new video and if you like that tells me What you guys enjoy if you like it then I'm I'm headed down the right path so help me out with that would you so anyways if you guys have got any questions just give me a give me yell give me a shout and as always be safe and I'll see you guys on the next video thanks a lot

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