Introducing the Ultimate Land Surveyors App: Land Surveyors United Fieldbook

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Attention all land surveyors! Say goodbye to multiple apps and hello to our brand new, massively updated Land Surveyors United Fieldbook. With this one-stop-shop app, you'll have all the tools you need at your fingertips. From finding the best apps for your job, to adding surveying photos, listening to podcasts, and watching the latest surveying videos, this app has it all. You can even post and find jobs, access affordable equipment through the Smarketplace, and connect with other surveyors through chat and forums. With Location Based Hubs and a Chapter Hub, you'll be able to connect with other surveyors in your area.

Try it out now - simply add the shortcut to your phone or data collector homescreen. Get it now at If you have any suggestions to make this app even better, let us know!"

Massive updates to our New App for 🗺📍 Land Surveyors United Fieldbook
Now in this version, surveyors can:
💥Find all of the best apps folded into one single app
💥Add surveying photos from the field I Surveyed That
💥Listen to all of the latest Podcasts from Geoholics,Surveyor Says, Mentoring Mondays and Measure This right inside the app.
💥Use tools inside the Toolbox anywhere
💥Post Jobs and Find Jobs Anywhere
💥Use tools inside the Toolbox anywhere
💥Post Jobs and Find Jobs Anywhere
💥Watch the latest Surveying Videos
💥Find affordable equipment inside the Smarketplace
💥Access surveyor submitted spreadsheet programs
💥Find the Chapter Hub you Represent and join/Follow it
💥Add surveying photos from the field to Location Based Hubs
💥Add Forum Posts and Resources for Other Local Surveyors
💥Chat with other surveyors right inside the app....
The list goes on and on....
Get the app here: 🖇️
Nothing to install...just add the shortcut to your phone or data collector homescreen. If you can think of a better way to bring surveyors together across all geographies and cultures, please by all means let us know....

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