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Making Google Earth as Background

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How to Make Google Earth as Background?
1 - Open Google Earth
      Do the followning Google settings on the first time only
  • Tools-> Options Turn off Terrain    
  • Be sure that North arrow is combletely very up  
  •    1 - View-> Show Navigation -> Always
  •    2 - Press Double click in North
  • Be sure that the map is very flat by     
  •    1 - Pressing keyboard Shift and keyboard up Arrow     
  •    2 - Pressing Keyboard Ctrl and keyboard down Arrow
  • Be sure Google Earth is not maximized and is not Full Screen
  • Keep Google Earth Opened 
2 - Open Elshayal Smart GIS Map Editor
  • Open Your Geographic Lon-Lat Map project
  • Menu -> Tools -> Synchronize Google Earth with Geographic Lon-Lat Map
  • View -> Refresh Map
3 - Start drawing and digitizing in your Shape files over the Google Earth back ground Map

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