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Upgrading from Survey Pro to Access or Origin? What are you going to do with all those old Survey Pro Jobs? Can I convert those and use them in my new collector? In this video I show you how to convert those files and use them in Access or Origin data collectors.



Ah hey guys welcome back to surveying with Robert's Tuesday tip so when I was out in Vegas I talked to the Trimble guys about making some kind of uh converter inside of access that we could take a survey Pro job and convert it to an access job well maybe someday but it sounds like they are pretty hooked up and that's not going to happen so I thought what I Would do is I would show you guys how to convert these files using terminal Business Center I don't get excited you don't have to go out and spend four thousand dollars for a copy of software just to convert the uh the files for your your survey Pro job files over to access job files you can download the free version of Trimble Business Center and you can go in there and drop the files in and Export the files out and I'll show you How to do it so what we're going to do right quick is I want to um I just want to get some shots and um I just want to get some shots so we can bring them in so what I've got is survey Pro like 5.8 or something like that on the status collector so what I did is I went out and grabbed the survey Pro data collector and I grabbed A uh r8s's so I thought this would be a little bit more real world and I used 5.8 because that is pretty close to the version where they added the R8 S's so I thought this would be a good you've got old survey profiles and you want to convert those to access or to origin so I thought this would be good and I didn't have any job files on my computer so I'm out here In The Wind in the cold just for you guys doing this for you guys freezing to death runny nose wind blowing so uh I just want to show you guys how to convert these files because I know I've got a few people that have switched over to access and they're having that issue right now themselves so I just uh thought I'd jump out here Get a few shots and today is Tuesday should have done this yesterday I got tied up with a bunch of stuff wasn't able to do it honestly I don't have time to do it right now I should be on the computer helping some people with some stuff but if I don't uh get it done it's going to be dark on us and then that ain't gonna work out so well so enough to mention the fact it'll be Colder right so um I was going to do this yesterday afternoon and it started raining on me so I wasn't able to get it done so just a few more shots just so we got something to look at and we'll take it in there and we'll convert it in business center and we'll see what it looks like and yes I'm currently using the insta 360 camera that some of you saw me carrying around at uh at Dimensions that you guys were asking about um it's actually a pretty cool camera it uh would be cool to use it you know if I was wanting to post some Social Media stuff some videos on Instagram or something like that you can actually process everything In your phone if you wanted to but I use the desktop software okay last one I'm about to turn into a popsicle so let's go in here and see if if we can convert these files from survey Pro over to access or over to origin and we'll see how that works I've got both so we can try and see what happens okay So we just shot all that stuff out there in the driveway now I'm going to show you how to take it from a survey Pro survey file to a um or actually I think this this is an old enough version it may be a survey Pro dot job file I'm going to show you how to bring it in to access or not intact yes I'm going to show you how to bring it into access but first thing I'm going to show you how to bring it into Business center okay so the thing about business center is I do not have my license plugged in so I actually have the old school dongle Hardware lock right here once the big one because I've had mine forever I don't I didn't get one of those cute little plastic things so cool Pelican cases for mine because I've had mine way Before those came out okay so let's go in here and load up terminal Business Center so um I've got an older version of survey Pro on this data collector but the reason for that is because I figure you you're going to have older survey Pro job files that you're going to want to convert over to an access file right so you've you know decided to go ahead and bite The bullet and get origin or get um you know access or whatever and you've got all these old job files and you're like how in the world am I going to convert them well be nice if jumbled been counting on their toes and um would have um you know built some kind of converter in Access or something so you could bring a job file in and convert it but they Didn't so we got to do it the hard way so you're going to download you're going to go to if excellent let's just look at this real quick let me do this if I just Google Trimble Business Center download terminal Business Center so here's what you're going to do you're going to go in you're going to say download the latest Version when you do it is going to pull my internet to slow tonight it is going to ask you your name blah blah blah if you do not want to be bothered with a sales guy calling you down here at the bottom if it says do you have a current software license say yes or it's going to ping me or ping somebody in your territory and you're going to be getting a phone call because trimble's gonna send out a lead on Business Center so just just say yes you got it unless you and if you want to find out more about business center ask me how's that so anyways you're going to do that when you do that they're going to send you an email so you're going to be looking in your email watch your junk box sometimes my land's there but watch your email you'll get an email and it'll say um that you know you can download it gives you a link to download terminal Business Center so to do this you don't need a license in order to do what I'm fixing to show you so you can download this for free installed on your computer at the office convert the files that you want to convert unfortunately we have to do them one at a time I don't know a better way to do it but just do them as needed I guess so let me get out of here you know how to do that now it's okay Now then I am going to go to Us survey foot scale only and I hit the default button so it defaults to that template and I think I got a I started the TBC 101 um I've kind of pulled back on that a little bit I'll explain that in a later video but um I do I think I did put some on there About template for uh TBC but you guys may want to look at some will say okay so it's going to create project now then it creates this grid now you probably heard me complain about this before it was a little bitty icon down the bottom maybe there's a way to make these icons bigger but I'm not exactly sure so I just go down here click lower right hand corner down here at the bottom little B icon shows grid I just get rid of it okay so the way I've got mine set Up from years past is when I plug in a tsc3 or a ranger 3 or anything else I get this paint on the right hand side that um it's the device manager pane yes device devices direct connection but it's I get connects me straight up with with the mobile device center to the data collector anyways so if I go to survey Pro and I open it I'm going to find a um survey Pro to Access now then if you bring this over with your um like jump drive or something like that right you you bring it over any way you want to just drop it straight into access when you do it's going to read why do I keep saying access you're dropping into business center I got too many programs going on in my head okay we're going to drop it into business center here it is Boom you're going to see all the vector lines and Everything attached okay so you're not worried about this because you're just wanting to get this to another data collector so I am going to window everything I'm going to go up here to export not to pull down below it up here at the top there's like two buttons right there okay that one's export formatted or you don't want that you just want the export up here at the top you're going to come over to survey And you're going to scroll down until you find Trimble access job file exporter that's the one you're looking for so what I'm going to do to make this a little bit easier on us is I'm going to say file save as and I'm going to call this um let's just call it s p Q axis SP to access Save okay so now let me back up I'm going to close that I'm gonna go to export again keep losing my mouse okay so now you're gonna see it says SP to access.job okay it's populated it's going to put it in the directory and I'll show you where that's at so we've selected all those shots And I'm going to export it out um file version that should be let's just go whatever General survey version you've got I'm going to say 2210 which is going to be the latest you know what I don't think I have that emulator on here let's back it up to where it was about 20 21 10 is probably about right so we're going to say export so if I go to here terminal Business Center I go to documents Trimble Business Center SP to access open it up there is my job file right there I'm going to copy that and on your data collector you can go and triple access you can go to job data file explorer and it'll take you to the same place I'm fixing to take you so it will take you to um C drive C drive I'm going to program data I'm going down to Trimble somewhere Trimble okay in my case I'm going to go to this emulator projects field work there's all my jobs in there I'm going to say paste so I'm going to paste it in there so now I'm going to go to channel access let me look here I think I've got 20 2201 in there which is General survey 22.00 I may be In trouble I may not have went back far enough says it's in there open speed access open okay it's asking for a project right um project height is your ellipsoid height so basically what that is just say like 22 to 27 meters below your elevation right so you have your ellipsoid and your geoid together make your orthometric height so they're Asking for height which is your ellipsoid height this is so access can calculate basically between like grid and ground and stuff like that so I'm just going to say 200 is close enough for me I'm going to say accept and there's no points so I brought those into access so if we go and look job data file explorer see what I mean it brings you into the same spot um there's the jobs just FYI And if I go to uh Point manager there's my points there's one I brought them in so all that good stuff if I go and look at my job and SP to X says I'm gonna go to properties right now it's set on local site because I wasn't able to put that project in there okay so I could go in select from library I know what it's supposed to be So let's go down to let me grab that would be a lot easier if it did how about just use here on the keyboard and I'm gonna set my project to go in here I'm going to say m for Mississippi the east geoid model I don't see what I'm looking oh there it is okay I got you or no Project type 200 enter store accept and open okay so now everything is like it should be okay so now if I went back and I looked at my project under SP to access properties everything is exactly like it should be so let's go and make sure Um so let's look at some coordinates here let's look at um there's 100 let's click right here properties and then if I go here and we look so uh 36 221 83 859 2015.944 okay so now everything is Exactly like it should be so if you had a license a business center you could just go up there to um your local site stuff and local site settings and we could set our height but didn't say it was gonna be easy and I would really like for Trimble to put a converter in Access or An Origin one or in both would be great so that I can bring this Job file over to um to either one of them so since access and origin are pretty much the same thing so that my friends is how you're going to have to export out your job files and bring them in now another way is I could if I wanted to right here I could go back to home I'd go back to Export I could go to custom and I could go to Northern elevation uh Northern easting elevation and code and I could export those out as a CSV file the job exporter we looked at while ago you can't get to because of the license they're not making it easy on you to convert it so this to me is the best way to do it if you if you've got I've had this stuff in my computer for so long I don't know If this is something I built or it came with it I think it comes with it I think it comes automatically in business center but I'm not 100 sure that maybe you guys could ping me and let me know um but if you could use that that would actually export it as a CSV file at those points or like I said to get the access the other way didn't say it was going to be easy but that's how you can do it you can get it done you're not stuck okay so Um man uh heck of a Tuesday tip huh so um got a lot of things planned a lot of things I want to put together for you guys I've been meaning to get this out for like a month and I just haven't been able to get it done so I got that out um I put a podcast up um coat Ratliff Kevin Rainey my Mississippi sales guy and um myself we did a little podcast about triple Dimensions so uh it's on Spotify I saw it on Apple I didn't put it on YouTube um I just wasn't able to get the cameras put together Colt and I have decided we're going to try to get something done every week we've said this before but we are both so incredibly busy it's hard to do but we're gonna try to get something it may not be anything that spectacular but get something out there anyway so guys hope this helps Um I hope you enjoyed the video um like I said you can ping me you know on Facebook or on YouTube or whatever and um let me know if you have any questions if I need to do it like a follow-up with this because um like I said it's not the easiest thing in the world but it can be done so as always God bless take care of you guys uh take care of yourselves Um and uh I guess I'll see you guys on the next video as soon as I come up with an idea for another one take care

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