Complete DGPS Survey Tutorial | Leica GS18 RTK | Full Setup & Practical Video of DGPS Surveying

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We are here with a Practical video on DGPS RTK. We have used DGPS of LEICA Model GS 18 which is fitted with RADIO system. Here we have shown BASE and ROVER setup and how to Collect topography data by DGPS RTK method, how to Import points, Export points, Code change, delete points, automatic record points etc. Video Location: India, Tawang. Watch this video full for better knowledge in DGPS RTK. In this description I will tell what is in this video step by step: 1) Setting up BASE and ROVER in Leica DGPS GS 18 RTK Centering and Levelling done with TRIPOID for BASE Station. Setting up TRIBRACH and Carrier over the tripod. Setting up the ROVER along with RTK Pole. Now Powering on both BASE and ROVER and connecting them with the Controller one after other. After initialization survey work can be started. 2) Collection of Topo Data in Leica DGPS GS 18 RTK We have taken sample Road topography data and some POINT data on ground objects. 3) Importing data & StakeOut! in Leica DGPS GS 18 RTK How to import data points and stakeout them? I created a Project where I imported data. As per my data: UTM 46 NORTH is the zone, as per this I setup my job with UTM coordinate system. 4) Modifying data in Leica DGPS GS 18 RTK 4) Exporting Data in CSV / DWG / ASCII / DXF format I have shown how to export these points in different format. LIKE COMMENT SHARE SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL THANK YOU WATCH OUR OTHER VIDEOS. Special Thanks to: Pulin Saikia Dushmanto Saikiya Chapters: 0:25 Setting up BASE and ROVER of Leica DGPS GS 18 RTK 17:54 Data Collection of Topo Data by DGPS RTK in Leica DGPS GS 18 RTK 25:14 Organize data DELETE or modify in Leica DGPS GS 18 RTK 26:12 Automatic Data record/ Auto mode in Leica DGPS GS 18 RTK 29:34 How to close survey in Leica DGPS GS 18 RTK 31:18 Importing data in a project & Stakeout in Leica DGPS GS 18 RTK 35:50 Exporting Data of a project from Leica DGPS GS 18 RTK 39:47 Bonus Clip of Leica DGPS GS 18 RTK DGPS Survey practical DGPS Survey Tutorial Leica DGPS DGPS RTK Leica DGPS GS 18 Model How to use DGPS DGPS Field Survey DGPS Surveying

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