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Corpus Christi, TX

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Robert L. Young

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Energy related, underground and above ground utilities, and GIS

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  • Robert,

    I am looking for a RPLS in Corpus Christi and I wanted to see if you or someone you may know might be interested?  If so please send resume to for consideration and I will be in touch with more details.

  • Congrats to you and your new wife. I am really blessed to have found my new wife or she found me.... I am still not sure how it happened. I have been tied up with my parents and have neglected a lot of emails, and am just getting to this one.
    Life is GREAT and I am blessed to have the life I have.
    God Bless you and yours and look forward to seeing you, and introducing you to my Michelle as she is the best thing that ever happened to me.
  • Robert, your message reveals how far apart we have been for too long. I feel bad that you and Ivy split but glad at the same time that your life continues with joy, love, and friendship. I hope you do not mind if I continue to hold you and Ivy both close to my heart. I would really enjoy a chance for a long visit with both of you. Cancer killed my Sharon more than four years ago. I still miss her but I must tell you about my trophy wife Jeannine who found me just a few weeks after Sharon died. We will celebrate our first anniversary on August 10th.

  • Party Chief
    i appreciate the fact that you know why appreciate you...lets get busy
  • You and Ivy are amazing people. Sharon used to tell me to watch the two of you so I could see success in action.
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