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February 16

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Robert Bartmess

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Currently The Campus surveyor for Oklahoma State University working in the Facilities Information department collecting as-built data on campus utilities and working with Arcubus tech's building an utilities data campus map system.

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  • Got to Alaska via a slowing economy in s. calif late 80's. Pulled up stakes, wife and two teenagers and a cat headed to Juneau w/o any job prospects. We all lived in a 19' travel trailer 8 months in the parking lot of a Chinese restaraunt, wonderful family bonding got better. Alaska has been good to me and the missus. We love Texas but call Alaska HOME.
  • That would be great thank you, what ever it is being on the road, driving a distance to work at this point just getting a job befor I sink and to provide for my family is what is important to me. Thanks again for just looking into it for me

  • I wish I was here working on a project. My wife lost her brother on july 16 and then 1 week later lost her dad, they all lived in Okmulgee. So I moved my family here in Aug. of this year, after I was offered a job in another field not surveying. It was a good move, company gave health ins, was paying for my lease payment on our home here untill we could get our house sold in Texas, company car it was just a really good move. I guess I was with the new company for about 1 & 1/2 months and the 2 owners had a falling out and the owner that hired me left the company, well the other owner came in one day and fired 7people and I was one of them. So now I am looking for a job in surveying again.
  • I am in Bixby just south of Tulsa.. From the Dallas Tx area,
  • Hi Robert, Nice to have another member of the "Old School" on board. Sounds like you have an interesting job there with OSU. I'm just getting settled back in here in Corpus Christi after spending yet another long summer in Western Alaska. It was a very busy season for us there. Even managed to get our new cabin/office completed this year. (Three years in the making) So we will have new "digs" and NO RENT to pay beginning next season. You can check the pictures out on our webpage-
    Stay happy RSM
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