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November 14


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Staff Sergeant in Vermont National Guard Mountain Recon Platoon. Married, father of three girls. I started surveying for a private company in 83, graduated from The Land Surveying Trianing Center in Tempe AZ in 85. Joined the DOT in Arizona in 85 on a photogrametric crew, moved To CT in 87 where I surveyed for 6 years in Meets and Bounds. Moved back to AZ and worked for a couple of engineering firms for six-years. Now my family and I are back on the east coast for good. Sick of the desert heat--love the snow! I spent 8 years in the Army, 3 years active duty in a RECON platoon working with land navigation and 5 years in the Arizona national guard in a military police unit. I spent January 1980 in Fairbanks Alaska. I climbed Mt. Rainier in Washington state and surveyed some of the Arizona desert. I surveyed a single planned subdivision, for an A.L.T.A. of 82,600 units, 24,600 acres or 39 sq. miles. Using Trimble GPS 5800 we finished it in 2 weeks with 2 crews.

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Boundries, Topos, ALTAs, Construction, Hydrolic, Condo conversions. FOOTSTEPS OF SURVEYOR It has been declared that all the rules of law adopted for guidance in locating boundary lines have been to the end that the steps of the surveyor who originally projected the lines on the ground may be retraced as nearly as possible; furthermore, that in determining the location of a survey, the fundamental principle is that it is to be located where the surveyor ran it. Any call, it has been said, may be disregarded, in order to ascertain the footsteps of the surveyor is establishing the boundary of the tract attempted to be marked out on the land; and the conditions and circumstances surrounding the location should be taken into consideration to determine the surveyor's intent. Volume11 of CORPUS JURISPRUDENCE SECUNDUM "BONDS to BRIDGES" under topic 'Boundaries'

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  • Mike,

    You have an experienced understanding of what it takes to make a Land Surveyor of an ordinary student of the subject of boundaries.  I hope to be a friend of yours.


  • Sir,
    I am a surveyor in Ghana and will like to help me cos your 17 years in survey i got a lot to learn from you .thanks for reading my short missive.
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