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GPS, topographic, boundary surveys, construction staking, topographic surveys, control network surveys, GIS, teaching, Survey Office, All types

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  • You got some cool pics, High tech stuff. I'm 55 now and wish I had a camera since I first got into surveying out of high school in '73. I could have had quite a collection. I particularly like your old monument pic, some real history there I bet. Oh and hey the snake thing can't even compare to a bout with a YELLOW JACKET NEST. I have never encountered killer bees but I'll bet they can't be nearly as bad as YELLOW JACKETS!!!
  • Hey Michael, in response to your comment we normally do not run into many of these pests. This particular site seemed to be unusally populated with them, and yes it definitely affected production. I happened to be on the one spot of "high ground" that was availible to set the instument on but I could still see the terrible serpents slithering throughout. I am a veteran since 1973 and don't see as many as we used to, especiially rattlesnakes. I believe it is due to the loss of habitat but since the wetlands act the water moccasin may be thriving very well in our area. I felt for the rodman who was terrified and kept asking me to watch his back, which due to the dense vegetation and his distance from me I kept having to tell him I could not be of much help! I have noticed that rattlesnakes will normally try to avoid humans and go the other way unless stepped on or cornered but I have actually witnessed instance where water moccasins seem to want to actually charge and attack. I think they must be trying to protect thier territory. Most snakes will not pose a threat unless they feel they are threatened or provoked (if they actually have feelings ?). But my advise is-don't take any chances.
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    good lookin profile....thanks for your contributions and participation to the network!
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