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A very bold attempt to bring the land surveying profession into the 20th cntury

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  • No, thanks!! Those are just pictures which are no better than a tax map or a GIS. They do not rise to the definition of a survey nor do they meet the requirements of the law. I don't know about you, but I don't want the boundaries of my real estate determined by some real estate company employee or some bureaucrat that never set foot on the property, based on some GIS database held by who knows who. Probably somebody that doesn't understand GPS data or the errors involved or the data it is based on. I think, IMHO, ALTA surveys are over rated and over priced. Any good surveyor worth his salt will produce a survey that is every bit as good as any ALTA survey at less cost to the buyer or the owner. Mortgage companies are already out of control. I will not be a party to anything that gives mortgage lenders any more control to manipulate the data so that they can play their money games cheaper at the expense of the purchaser. I work for the owner/buyer, not the lender or the government. I always put the interest of the land owner first but a good survey will serve everybody. It is what it is!! The interests of mortgage companies and title companies are temporary & can be changed at anytime by the owners. It also tends to diminish over time. The owner's interest lasts as long as he or his heirs own the property but the interests of all parties are better served if it is done properly under the law. However, any survey must meet the requirement of the law.
    I think the Land Surveying community will oppose what you propose and I will support them in doing so.
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