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I started working for a small surveying firm in 1984 and moved over to the software side of things in 1994 when I went to work for SMI. I stayed with SMI and then Eagle Point until June of 2008 and I am now very happily with MicroSurvey. We have a lot of exciting things happening with our software right now. I would be happy to share what we have with anyone.

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Enjoy, explore and contribute to our community....a living library of land surveying which is not controlled by 3rd party interests- it is controlled by you, the surveyor. No one else in the world aside from our community members catalogs changes in the surveying industry. No one else collects, curates and showcases the importance of land surveyors to society for future generations to learn from and to promote public awareness of this importance. It takes just a few moments per week to curate a rock solid legacy in surveying but every minute you spend sharing your experience will breathe ten years of life into the profession.

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    starting to get a crowd in here...just wanted to thank you for your participation in the group, Brandon!
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  • Hate that HP stoped making the 48. I they still made the 48 we would still be using SMI.
  • Land Surveyor
    Thanks for taking an interest in Land Surveyors United (L.S.U.). You have become a member of what will soon be the "gospel" for keeping in touch with land surveyors, projects and up and coming equipment and technology leading us in to the future.

    L.S.U. is proud to bring you the latest in equipment (Total Stations, Data Collectors, Levels, Prism Poles, Level Rods) and all other tools needed for the surveying, engineering and construstion industries.
    L.S.U also offers a wide variety of printing and mapping capabilities from standard blueprinting in black and white to a full spectrum of color scanning and printing.
    This website was specifically created with idea of streamlining land surveyors from across the globe into a network with each other. At L.S.U you'll will have the ability to look for employment around the world, buy and sell new and used equipment and ultimately meet people who have the same interests in The land surveying profession as you do.
    If you may have any questions, refer to our home page for contact info.
    We hope you like our website and hope that you might tell your colleagues about us so that we may have the opportunity to offer them all the sane opportunities as well.
    Thanks again!
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