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For a small land surveying business, which GPS RTK system is the best value in terms of cost and productivity? Trimble? Topcon? Leica? Spectra? Something else?

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  • Land Surveyor

    It ultimately depends on where you live and what you plan on using it for.ย  Some locations have service centers closer to your operational area, while others will require you to send in your unit for servicing.ย  This can be problematic if you don't have the availability or means to get a backup/secondary unit that you can use while the one is in for servicing.ย  Another factor to look into is the software that you will be using on a regular basis and the supporting software that best works with the unit. I would also look into what others in your area are using so you have a peer group that you can ask questions to.ย 

    My personal preference is Trimble, because of the support that I have locally and the support programs that you get with it (Trimble Business Center).ย  If I was trying to be more budget-conscious I would probably purchase a Spectra unit.ย  That is my two cents, just do some more research to determine what will best suit your needs and pricepoint.

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