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Greetings Surveyors!


What is a valuable skill set for land surveyors? I am not a land surveyor yet, but I'm working on it. What kinds of educational backgrounds are needed in the industry these days.


Thanks you,
Candice Dorsey

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  • Land Surveyor

    Candice it depends on your goals. Land Surveying is like any other is very diverse. I deal with Real Property boundaries and that is what I like to do and am good enough to make money doing it. However there are many Land Surveyors who focus on GIS development, construction layout or even computing subdivision designs. There are many facets to this profession.

    Myself, I enjoy what I do and my skill set I have developed matches that. I am comfortable with my success and feel like I do good every day. That is where it is at.

    If I were you I would sit down in a law library and read a few broad cases about real property law. If you can't see yourself doing that then perhaps you have an interest in subdivision design and computations? Or perhaps you enjoy building GIS systems and then extracting valuable information from them? One of my friends works for the EPA in Washington and is as hard cord Land Surveyor as you would like to meet. Even though he will not admit it he is a rising star there and generates and analyzes mind numbing amounts of information that not only the government relies on but you and me in our ever day lives. 

    It all depends on you and what you are interested in. Obviously there is something about Land Surveying that has sparked your interest. I hope this interest stays with it continues to stay for me after 34 years of working at it.


  • Government Professional

    Hi Candice,


    I just graduated with a Bachelor's in Land Surveying at Towson University in MD and I have found that the mix of Project Management and GIS classes have added to my surveying career.


    Also, just a little tidbit I have found useful, taking the CST test I think helps prepare you for the LSIT, and FLS test.



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