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Survipod Canada

Two amazing photos here from Evan Wind from Underhill Geomatics Ltd.

These are 2 Survipod™ Boltfixes being used here supplied by Spatial Technologies

Spatial Technologies are a great distributor of high quality survey equipment in Canada and a reseller partner of Survipod™
Underhill Geomatics Ltd. are utilizing the Survipod™ Boltfixes for large tract GNSS surveys on Northern Vancouver Island.

Evan Says-
Main points I enjoyed about using Survipod™ products for non-construction based surveys such as this one is:
-Quickness of setting solid primary control for large survey projects
-Eliminating the daily routine of setting up tripods on long term projects
-Weather resistant alternative to traditional survey legs (especially helpful in our rainforest environment)

Thank you very much Evan for these great photos and feedback.

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