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The Savvy Surveyors Talk Show is an upcoming community event which will begin in mid- May 2019, This will be Planet Earth's first international talk show for professional land surveyors.



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Are you a Surveyor for Life?

Special Topic for Episode One *Does your family have land surveying roots? Was your Father, Grandfather, Grandmother a land surveyor?  Tell us about your family history in Land Surveying and what you believe has changed over the years.

We're currently looking for surveyors to interview on our new podcast (Savvy Surveyors Show). A podcast where we interview Land Surveyors and Survey Company Owners / Managers about how they're doing day to day.  We discuss challenges faced by surveyors in the field and in life.  If you'd like to be considered, please enter your details below. In terms of the format, we try and keep each show to around 15 minutes long. But no panic if we go over by a few minutes :)
As well as giving you an opportunity to talk about your business, we'll be asking you three specific questions:
1)* Special Topic for Episode^
2) What are you doing today to become a better Land Surveyor?
3) What is a challenged faced by land surveyors in your area of the world? It can be environmental, legal, education, etc.
These questions are designed to provide real-life examples for our listeners whilst also being broad enough so that you can answer the question in your own way, based on your experience and where you are as a land surveyor in your career. We've already seen some great conversations and content come out of these two questions. We can't wait to hear yours!
The podcasts is hosted by The Land Surveyors United Team and special guests.

Would you like to be Interviewed?

Want to tell us about your experience in Land Surveying and about surveying in your area of the world? To be considered, please enter your details by clicking the button below.

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