Land Surveyor

Have you compiled a checklist for safety?  If so, your comments and additions to this very basic list could help keep you and others alive:

  • Traffic safety cones
  • Traffic signs (Survey Crew Ahead, etc.)
  • Strobe light on the vehicle (yellow, etc.,)
  • Steel toe boots, when required
  • Safety vests (orange, yellow, reflective, etc.)
  • First aid kit (in the vehicle, and on the person when in remote environment)
  • Fire extinguisher in the vehicle, properly mounted.
  • Proper training (as required by government, i.e. OSHA, etc., and in First Aid and/or CPR)

Safety requirements vary by jurisdiction and circumstance.  What do you do, and what do you have to keep you safe?

Scott D. Warner, R.L.S.

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