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If I hear one more person tell me that I "should become a recruiter" I just may.

It sorta seems obvious that I might.  I mean... I've been running this community since March of 2007 and built the Jobs Board in 2010

Ever since the Jobs Board was built, practically every spare minute of time I have had has been spent helping connect Surveyors Seeking Employment with available land surveying jobs.  At any given time there are approximately 600 unemployed surveyors in the community.

In the past couple of months we have allowed the Recruiter category to members.   This excites me because i feel that there are at least more eyeballs on this and helping surveyors find jobs.   So this brings me to my question:

Should I become a full blown Recruiter for Land Surveyors?


Should I .... can I work close with a few Recruiters in the community as a head hunter to help sift and find qualified clients?

What i suppose I am trying to find out is what exactly is involved with becoming a recruiter?

If I were to help recruiters by bringing them (you) qualified surveyors, what type of commission could i expect to make?


I believe that I could allot more time to helping out of work surveyors find employment or connect to recruiter if I felt i could make some money by doing it..


Your thoughts?

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    I have a ton of insight on agency recruiting and how that compares to internal recruiting opportunities. I do what's called "full desk recruiting" so I'm responsible for finding my own clients and tracking trends in the market. I don't often work surveyor openings because they are so difficult to fill. You wouldn't be in direct competition with me based on what I pursue, so I'd be happy to give you my strategies on how to monetize your network. I believe we are connected on LinkedIn, so please shoot me a message. 


    Lindsay Larson

    • Survey Legend

      I would love to discuss this with you when you have the time.  I'll send you my contact info.  Thank you Lindsey!

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