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Hello guys,I just joined the group with the hope of tapping something from ma learned comrades and eventually pass it on to others.However,I'm currently in a fix.I can't seem to make any headway in GPS network design and the terms trivial and non-trivial baselines tend to confuse me the more.Can anyone please shed more light on these for me. Thanks

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  • Attached are 2 GPS related documents I dug up which may help you with your questions.. let me know if they help.

    • I really do appreciate it bro,but  they didn't make things any clearer concerning network design.

      I happen to have that of Ashtec.
      I'm relatively new to GPS network design and adjustment but I really want to dig in and get to know more. I tried a rapid static recently with three receivers,I base and two rovers. When I tried processing in TBC, there were 3 baselines,2 from the base stations to the observed positions and 1 between the 2 observed stations. Is that 1 between the observed stations the Independent Baseline?

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