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PNG Land Survey in Remote Area

I recently was asked for some ideas on how someone might "survey" some property that was donated for a church project in a remote area. They contacted a surveyor and he said it would be terribly expensive for him to travel there to do the survey. He suggested that they get their own GPS and do the survey themselves. Is that possible and legal in PNG?

The location is within a couple of miles of the mouth of the Fly River. Any suggestions? I live in the US, I have assisted with use of survey grade GPS equipment (but not a surveyor). From my understanding the physical boundaries of the property are known. They need to do a survey (document on paper) in order to register the land with the government. So here are my questions:

1. Would it be possible to find a certified surveyor who would not have to travel far?

2. If local surveyors are not available, what other options would be satisfactory for the government?

3.Are there any GPS beacons in  that area providing corrections for greater precisions?

Thanks for your suggestions!

Jerry Chase

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  • Hi jerry...firstly i dont think it would be possible to do a property survey using GPS, because the PNG survey directions that came into effect in 1990 does not provide a clause therein to warrant such survey practice. secondly there are a lots of private surveyors in PNG that specialize/experience in property survey, but the main factor is the distance the area to be surveyed where it is located incurring costs to travel that might be expensive depending on the remoteness of the area. Thirdly to get the property documented and registered will need the registered surveyor without the approval/signature of the registered surveyor the property is not lawfully marked. GPS  corrections are availabel but depends on the circumstances

    • Derek, Thanks so much for your response. What you say makes lots of sense.Do you know of a surveyor or someone that might be able to refer us to a surveyor that works from time to time close to the mouth of the Fly River? This is where the survey is needed. I understand that there is commercial logging going on inland from the property in question. Thanks so much for your rapid reply. I will look forward to hearing back from you.



    • Unfortunately i am not in close contact or know any surveyor working near fly river area, but i shall get i touch with some colleagues a who knows who??..and see if a surveyor is operating in the vicinity and will get back to you..


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