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Professional Development Hours

A friend recently found out his PDH's were not accepted because it didn't comply with the accepted types of study. Below I have copy and pasted from the boards website with hope to stir some discussion and explanation of terms. I have a few questions about webinars, Web Radio, Posting useful information on Forums such as this etc. Any help/pointers would be helpful



• 245:15-11-5. Requirements for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors

(a) To demonstrate that a Professional Engineer and/or Land Surveyor maintains an acceptable level of competency, a licensee must obtain thirty (30) professional development hours (PDH’s) for a twenty-four month (biennial) renewal period. If a licensee exceeds the requirement in any biennial renewal period, a maximum of fifteen (15) PDH’s may be carried forward into the subsequent biennial renewal period. PDH’s may be earned by a licensee as follows:

(1) Successful completion or auditing of college courses.

(2) Successful completion or auditing of continuing education courses.

(3) Attending seminars, correspondence, televised, videotaped, and other short courses/tutorials.

(4) Presenting or attending seminars meeting the criteria of Section 15-11-6, in-house courses, workshops, or professional or technical presentations made at meetings, conventions, or conferences.

(5) Active participation in professional or technical societies serving the engineering or land surveying profession. Credit for active participation in a professional and technical society serving the engineering or land surveying profession (limited to 4 PDH’s per renewal period), requires that a licensee serve as an officer and/or actively participates in a committee of the organization. PDH’s are not earned until the end of each year of service is completed.

(6) Teaching or instructing in (1) through (4) of this subsection.

(7) Authoring peer-reviewed published papers and books.

(8) Authoring published articles.

(9) Award of patents to the licensee or to licensee’s employer when developed by the licensee.

(10) Documented self-study (1 PDH unit = 3 hours) maximum of 3 PDH’s per renewal period.

(b) All such PDH’s earned in activities as described in (a)(1) through (a)(9) of this section must be relevant to the practice of engineering and/or land surveying as applicable and may include technical, ethical or managerial content.


• 245:15-11-6. Criteria for continuing educational activities

(a) Continuing educational activities used to earn PDH's must meet the following criteria:

(1) There is a clear purpose and objective for each activity, which will maintain, improve or expand skills and knowledge obtained prior to initial licensure or to develop new and relevant skills and knowledge.

(2) The content of each presentation is well organized and presented in a sequential manner.

(3) There is evidence of preplanning which should include the opportunity for input by the target group to be served.

(4) The presentation will be made by persons who are well qualified by education or experience.

(5) There is a provision for individual participant registration which will include information required for record keeping and reporting.

(b) The Board has final authority with respect to acceptability of courses, credit, PDH value for courses, and other methods of earning credit.

(1) Credit for college or community college approved courses will be based upon course credit established by the college.

(2) Credit for qualifying seminars and workshops meeting the criteria in 245:15-11-6(a) will be based on one PDH for each hour of attendance. Attendance at qualifying programs presented at professional and/or technical society meetings will earn PDH’s for the actual time of each program.

(3) Credit determination for activities referenced in 245:15-11-5 (a)(6) and (a)(7) is the responsibilities of the licensee (subject to review as required by the board).


This is only 2 sections from that I thought were relevant. It seems to me web radio and webinars such as the ones that NGS puts on would count hour for hour



Ty Olinghouse

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