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The Maryland Land Surveyors group forum is for MSS members and professional land surveyors  who live and work in the state of Maryland, USA.  Share experiences with surveying in Maryland and educate your fellow surveyors!

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Maryland's surveying history unfolds as a rich tapestry woven with the threads of its diverse geography and cultural heritage. From its colonial inception to its pivotal role in national boundary disputes and contemporary land management, surveying has been a cornerstone of Maryland's development. This post delves into Maryland's surveying milestones, highlighting influential surveyors, landmark surveys, the formation of professional organizations, and key events shaping the state's surveying practices.12402218674?profile=RESIZE_710x

Early Surveying Efforts in Maryland:

Maryland's surveying journey dates back to its 17th-century founding, as early settlers grappled with the task of mapping and allotting land grants amidst the colony's varied terrain, spanning from Atlantic shores to the Appalachian Mountains.

12402219068?profile=RESIZE_400xNotable Surveyors and Their Contributions:

Jeremiah Dixon, a British surveyor, alongside Charles Mason, left an indelible mark on Maryland's history by surveying the famed Mason-Dixon Line. Established in the mid-18th century, this boundary delineation not only separated Maryland from Pennsylvania and Delaware but also symbolized the division between the North and South.

Benjamin Banneker, an African American mathematician and surveyor, made significant contributions to Maryland's surveying legacy. His work in the late 18th century on Washington, D.C.'s boundaries, impacted Maryland's borders, showcasing his remarkable skills in a time when African American contributions to science were often overlooked.12402218901?profile=RESIZE_710x

Establishment of Surveying Societies:

The Maryland Society of Surveyors (MSS) serves as the vanguard for the state's surveying profession, advocating for excellence, education, and ethical standards. MSS ensures Maryland's surveyors are equipped to navigate unique challenges, from coastal erosion to urban development.

Notable Places Surveyed in Maryland:

Surveyors have played a pivotal role in understanding the intricate dynamics of the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland's defining feature. Their surveys have contributed to environmental conservation, maritime safety, and informed land development around the bay.


The surveying and mapping of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, one of the nation's oldest, highlighted the importance of surveying in bolstering transportation and commerce, fostering trade, communication, and travel, thus propelling Maryland's economic growth.

Surveying and Land Disputes in Maryland:

Maryland's history brims with notable land disputes, with the Mason-Dixon Line being the foremost. Surveyors played a critical role in resolving these conflicts, providing accurate data and mediating between conflicting claims, thus ensuring fair and legal resolutions and establishing clear boundaries.

Impact of Surveying on Maryland's Development:

Surveying has been the bedrock of Maryland's growth, guiding informed land use, infrastructure development, and environmental stewardship. Surveyors' expertise has been instrumental in shaping the state's landscape, promoting sustainable development, and conserving natural resources.

Maryland's surveying legacy stands as a testament to the profession's enduring significance in shaping the state's past, present, and future. From historic boundary delineations to modern land management, surveyors have been indispensable. As Maryland continues its journey, the role of surveyors will remain pivotal, ensuring the state's growth is mindful, responsible, and in harmony with its rich historical and environmental tapestry.12402219091?profile=RESIZE_710x


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