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The Geoholics - Host Bio's

Kent Groh, LS - Kent's passion, besides podcasting and the Chicago Cubs,  is creating a solid and sustainable foundation for the surveying profession that future generations can build on for years to come.  He has been working as a land surveyor for over 30 years and believes in collaborating with the various geomatics professions and governing bodies to collectively enhance our respective occupations. Kent enjoys golfing, fishing, craft beer, good food & traveling with his amazing wife. He also knows EQ Kimball and is a future curling Olympic gold medal winner.

Ryan Kelly, CP - Ryan's passion, besides podcasting and the New York Mets, is building lasting personal and professional relationships by providing the absolute best customer service and highest quality geospatial products available. He actively promotes all professions within the geomatics industry by working with students in both local middle and high schools, our future generation. Outside of work, Ryan's  greatest joy is exploring the world with his amazing wife and  beautiful son. He also attempts to play golf.

Producer Jake - The man behind the scenes bringing The Geoholics to life! Jake is currently a student at ASU studying Digital Marketing as well as an aspiring pilot and drone builder. He is a Boeing super-fan and owns property on Mars. 


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