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As you probably know if you a registered Florida RLS, PLS, PSM ....mmm I don't FEEL any different, pants still go on 1 leg at a time.......


since our Board.... (resistance is futile....... No! I said Board, not BORG...wait a minute....there ARE some similarities.......)...........


anyway...since the Florida Board of Surveyors and Mappers is now administered under the Florida Dept. of Consumer Affairs/Florida Dept. of Agriculture which is, of course, the perfect place for a technical profession to another fit of Governmental Wisdom, they "had" to move our survey laws (again). Some of you like myself first certified to 21-hh-6 from 1982-1992 which was replaced then by 61g-17. October or so a year ago, they moved it again.


Because of the move from the Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation over to DCA/DOA (gotta love ANY acronynm with "DOA" as part of the title...), 61g-17 is no more, and has been replaced by 5j-17 F.A.C. (specifically .001-.085) some 13 months ago or so. Up until now, they have apparently been treating this a a "traffic ticket" offense, nothing to bring the guns to bear on you. My guys who keep up with this type of stuff say that they will treat it "more seriously" January 2011 onward as everyone should have heard of it by now.




In their defense, the new Board is much more communicative on the internet than at any time in the last 10 years. Let's hope it's a positive sign for things to come.            "more at 11"   on that one............

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