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E-Survey GNSS Hub is a Marketplace Hub for Land Surveyors who purchase and use equipment sold by Esurvey GNSS of Shanghai.

Founded in 2005, Shanghai e-Compass Science & Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter to be referred as Shanghai e-Compass) is located in Shanghai, specialized in surveying and GIS industry, integrating R&D, manufacture and sales.

The main products include data acquisition and positioning equipment such as high-precision GNSS receivers, GIS data collectors, combined inertial navigation products, UAV positioning products, and data application solutions such as displacement monitoring systems, intelligent driving test systems, and precision positioning service systems.

IP67 of E300 pro and E800

0?e=1584576000&v=beta&t=-JX0F-2MOchy4K7wuxq7WCMn4qnXMR1Myk0TLUAf6EUIP means Ingress Protection. An IP rating clarifies levels of protection for electrical devices against water and solids. Usually, an IP65 or above rating stands for completely dustproof and can withstand jets of liquids. Such equipment are labelled as rugged products, which means they can be used under harsh working conditions and have a higher life of service than normal products. Both our E300 pro and E800 GNSS receivers have the IP67, which means they are suitable for working under extremely dusty or humid conditions.

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