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Thales/Magellan/Ashtech ProMark3 THE INSIDES AND REPAIR

This is going to be a work in progress. I am going to load a PDF when I am all done but I want to get my findings up to those who may be interested. 

OK I repaired a ProMark 3 Yesterday. How hard is it. Harder then a cell phone not as hard as a Macbook Pro.. It took me about an hour with taking all the pictures to document everything for this article. Would I recommend this for the faint of heart. NO.. But if you have few or no other options do to price or time constraints this is for you. Or you can contact me and I will do a repair for you. I can take 2 damaged units and make one good unit or I can try depending on the damage. if the same parts are damaged that wont work. 

I have a supply for 


Touch Digitizer

Bluetooth Internal Antenna and Cable

Internal to External GPS antenna cable

working on more components

Here are a few pictures to show the work but I will create a full PDF documenting it step by step in every way. This will include screw counts and locations as well as ribbon cable convector opening and closing. 

Hope this helps everyone.

I will build this documentation for each and every repair I do so that everyone can learn from my experience. I do have to say don't try this at home I am a professional computer and network engineer. I you do so it it as your own risk. The liability is yours and yours alone if you do try and repair your own unit. (My attorney says I have to have that in there.)


First picture it is broken.

Next picture is the cover opening.

The last pictures is all repaired.


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