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Speech-To-Text Software Recommendations


In an attempt to streamline some procedures both field and office, I am inquiring whether anyone has successfully implemented Speech-to-Text software.

Obviously, there could be huge gains for lengthy documents on the office side. I am also curious about .mp3 dictation. I am looking to enhance my reconnaissance notes by using a voice recorder, but want the end result in text.

Any helpful hints or recommendations of software to try would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays,


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    Here is what I want to do:

    In the field - Speak to a digital voice recorder (.mp3) in addition to my field notes to keep a log of my daily activity and then transcribe to text at the end of the day.

    In the office - General time-saving things such as letter writing and further project doumentation.

    Running XP on all machines currently.



  • What do you want to do exactly? There are a few different ways that you can do dictation. There are applications like Dragon Naturally Speaking.

    It works very well or at least when I last used it (version 9) for my grandmother. She had a stroke and could not write any longer and the program once trained (The pain in the but part)works excellent.

    I did get her a better microphone then what the software came with. I got her a plantronics but the software was nearly flawless in writing letters. Nearly being.. Odd words until it learns them. Like my name Beltz it wants to make Belt's. But it LEARN's so it expects Dan Beltz not Dan Belt's but it takes 2 or 3 times to get this learning process down.

    I will do some evaluations on some software and see what I can find out for PC software. What OS do you run? XP, Vista or Win 7? 32 or 64 bit?

    I own a computer company so if you are looking for Computer hardware software and computer support. I have complete remote support available. Feel free to contact me.


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