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Ink Jet Printer Recommendation


I am looking for a recommendation for a simple ink-jet color printer for printing mainly black onto card stock and everyday office color printing. I want a straight paper path and just a basic unit that will take thick stock. I don't need any bells or whistles as I already have a plotter and a M-F laser. Only need to take legal-size, as well.

Thanks in advance,

Matt in Wisconsin

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  • You will be hard pressed to get a ink jet that will push 150lb and be bleed proof. Take a look at this unit..


    Its a laser and should do everything you need and cost less to operate. Inkjets are cheap to buy but are very expensive to run. When you look at you only get about 300 pages per cartridge and 25 to 35 per cartridge.. adds up quick. The lasers you get 1000 to a cartridge and are 40 for the color and 2000 and 50 for the black for genuine. I did a quick look for after market and 25 each. If you do more the 2000 Pages a month xerox has a program that will give you a free printer.

  • What kind of volume are you looking at? How thick is thick card stock? You say color ink jet? But would a color laser work just as well with a straight paper path? Do you need the ink to be water/moisture/bleed proof? I have a few units in mind and I want to make sure I cover all the bases.

    • Land Surveyor


      This will be a relatively low volume unit, as it will just be in my personal office for the work I do. A few hundred total sheets per month.

      The cardstock I use is generally in the 110-150 pound range.

      Water/moisture/bleed proof? - Yes



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