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Surveyors can waste a lot of time and money trying to solve computer problems.  In this Surveyor 2 Surveyor support group, let's help each other find solutions to Computer Problems.

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Computer Questions Answered.

I will attempt to answer any and all questions asked of any people on this forum. I own a computer company so that is my 6am to 6am as any business owner knows. But I am here for two reasons. I am building an Android survey data collector and well I sell computer hardware. Its what I know and can help you choose whats right for your business needs. 

I have posted a few blog posts and I think I will move them into here as a better consolidated area for people to view them. If you are looking for any hard to find electronic or easy to find for that matter contact me and I may just be able to help you. I am getting ready to repair a ProMark 3 that has been broken for about two and a half years. He should be using his fully repaired unit by middle of next week. 

One of the things I am going todo is document all the equipment that I repair with images and revision / part numbers so that anyone else that needs todo a repair can follow the instructions or can send it to my company and we will do the repair for you. 

WE DO NOT DO SURVEY CALIBRATION WORK.. Yet.. May look at it in the future.

WE DO ELECTRONIC SALES AND SERVICE. This includes soldering, screen replacement, battery re-celling, antennas, cables, and general consulting as well as  remote repair and all things Computer, Network, and Software from a Keyboard to a HDTV.

You can post questions and comments here or can contact me directly for parts/equipment sales/service requests.

Dan Beltz

North Star Computer Technologies

Marquette, MI 49855

[email protected]

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