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Cameroon Surveyors is a place for land surveyors who work in Central African country of Cameroon to share valuable knowledge related to surveying in Cameroon.  Cameroon Surveyors is a subgroup of African Surveyors

Difficulties faced

Being a land surveyor in Cameroon is so difficult because most people are unaware of the role of a land surveyor and secondly there is the unavailability of tools such as a GPS receiver, total station etc. We also have an association of surveyors but we badly need help with basic tools like GPS. I pray some of you guys can help us

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  • Land Surveyor

    I am familiar with having to survey with insufficient and out dated equipment. After the economy collapsed  in the US, many companies that stayed around could not afford to update their equipment. This required us to become creative with our methods to maximize the output of what we had available. The brain is the best piece of equipment we have. Technology doesn't always give you the edge. Sometimes doing things the old fashion way works the best.I know that is not what you wanted to hear, but with some ingenuity you can still get things done.

  • Survey Legend

    I hate to say it but the first part is universal.  The public simply will have no idea what a surveyor is until we educate them together (thus, the reason for this site).  We cannot do this until we are one.  We must work together first.  We are glad you are a part of the community.

    As for the second part, what type of help do you have in mind?  Would you be interested in connecting your association with us?  If so, i'd put some time into helping you guys source some affordable GPS equipment.  With a creative plan anything is possible.

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