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Recently a new method has been developed that enables one to collect redundant invert data at any angle by using a lightweight calibrated measurement rod.


The vert rod is a foursided calibrated measurement rod with each side of the rod calibrated to common
recessed angles. When the rod is aligned to the angle of a particular side, the
vertical distance is achieved rather than the slope distance.
The 15 Ft Vert Rod by Accurate Inverts is calibrated to the cosine of each sides
corresponding angle, the 4 sides ranging from 0-30 degrees.

The rod also includes a digital angle finder which allows field crews to use any random angle to quickly achieve a redundancy of measurement.

Redundancy can be achieved by using the multiple calibrated angles or by using the 0 side
to measure the slope distance and the angle.

By noting the slope distance on a random angle the vertical distance can be calculated later as an office check.

This new methodology allows field crews to quickly
and accurately collect invert measurements without the need to second guess
measurements and allows redundant office checks to verify accuracy.

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