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The Geoholics Podcast

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Mentoring Mondays Podcast

Week 123: All Things Aerial Mapping
Week 122: Project Management for Surveyors (featuring Cyanic Job Book)
Week 121: Position Errors Standards - ALTA / NSPS Relative Point Precision (RPP)
Week 120: PLSS Double Proportioning Calculations for those studying for the PS/FS & CST Exams
Week 119: GNSS / GPS Basics
Week 118: Artificial Intelligence in Geomatics
Week 117: PLSS - Section 6 Calculations
Week 116: The Quasi-Judicial Functions of a Land Surveyor (according to Tony Nettleman)

Measure This! by xyHt Magazine

Measure This!
By Neil Sandler
A podcast for the geospatially inclined.

Measure This! Is:
*interviews of geospatial leaders who will change the way you look at your work
*stories about projects that might suprise and inspire you
*updates on current events and how our industry is making a difference

Surveyor Says! NSPS Podcast


NSPS Podcast - SURVEYOR SAYS! featuring all things surveying.