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Our Surveying Documents Library is the best place to find helpful land surveying related documents, surveyor presentations, survey equipment manuals and workflows for land surveying professionals.  Share your manuals and guides and make use of those documents which have been curated here for your support and use.

Shared Collection of Land Surveying Books by Members

When we migrated the community from the old platform we discovered a treasure trove of Land Surveying Reference documents that have been uploaded to the community. In order to read or download these reference documents, simply choose any Book Cover Photo below and you will find the entire book inside the description of the photo.  You must be a member of Land Surveyors United and Following the Surveying Documents Hub to download the books.

If you happen to have useful Land Surveying books in PDF format to share, simply upload a photo of the cover of the book and then embed the book in the description of the photo.  Please help us stay organized by adding proper tags and categories to your shared documents.

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