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How do you say "welcome" in your native language?  Land Surveyors United is a global organization dedicated to welcoming geospatial professionals from around the world.  Post your short video here to say welcome in your native language to be featured in the "Survey Earth in a Day" event scheduled for this March 20th (the vernal equinox). 

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  • We say "How you going mate" when we greet someone in our country, and yes I'm from the land downunder.. terra australis

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  • If you want to Welcome someone in Shona, Spoken in Zimbabwe and some small parts of Mozambique you say: TITAMBIRE

  • If someone is coming in you say BIENVENIDO (welcome to the meeting...)

    If you did something for someone he or she would say "Thank you" and your answer would be "DE NADA" (welcome)

    These answers are in spanish and might be different in some countries.

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