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Ghana Surveyors, Land Surveyors United now has many members in Ghana.  Please feel free to join your group of professionals here in discussion.  What is the status of the profession of surveying in Ghana?  What is new?  What is unchanged?  What thoughts or ideas would you like to share with other surveyors in Ghana or anywhere else on Earth?

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    Henry, thank you for joining your group here on LSU.  It is sincerely my ambition in order to form a more unified understanding of our profession that we understand our differences in the context of our similarities.  Peculiarities, perhaps even singularities exist in the land surveying profession around the world in different nations, societies, cultures, groups, and corporations.  I firmly believe that it is of the best interest of humankind to engage in the sharing of our everyday struggles for the betterment of all, and in that process we shall achieve unity.  It is truly a sad day for me that I do not learn something new about something that I believed to be common knowledge.  What is common knowledge, anyway?  Common to whom?  Perhaps not common enough to those who need the knowledge the most.  It is greatly important that we support each other in our pursuit of a body of knowledge that allows the world to function more harmoniously, even if it is only within the microcosm of our own profession. 

    Peace, my friend.  Should I find myself in Ghana, I would be honored to meet you.

    -Scott D. Warner    

  • hi, Scott D. on behalf of my colleagues and on my own behalf, i would like to say that we of the Ghana surveyors fraternity are very grateful for this initiative and initiation and as your letter put it ,it is up to us now to make it worth our while, we do promise to do our utmost best in this endeavor, thanks a million.

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