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Hello friends,

I've been in FIG working week 2011 last week, and saw there a lot of chinese firms showing there material, I have to say that the price is verya attractive, the design is as chinese tradition copied from the principal brands of the buiseness, trimble and topocon especially, my equation is about the quality of these equipement, have someone of you tried a chinese materiel in his daily work?? what's your impressions??

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  • Student Surveyor

    As mentioned in the earlier comments, the reasons I have not switched to china instruments though the prices are very attractive are one: 

    1. the reliability of the instruments( sucks to be caught in the middle of the job and the total station died on you)

    2. after sales support, in my area, there is virtually no after sale support for china instrument, I like the feeling of having someone to ring up in case my stations is giving me problems

  • Vendor

    Hi ETTAQY Elmakky, We're Hi-Target Surveying Instrument Co., Ltd, our  estación total, compensador de doble eje, prisma, SMT32 ARM® Cortex MCU, Bluetooth. We're the top brand for surveying instrument developer and manufacturer in China. Our good quality was accepted by many distributors already. My skype is OKGNSS  , 

    • Land Surveyor

      I am in Australia. The firm I work for use Hi-Target brand base stations. In my experience thus far, I have had no problems. The units are sturdy and we have not had any issues as yet. My understanding is that the cost is a fraction of some of the bigger brands. I am unable to comment on the serviceability on these units. 

      If I were to go out on my own tomorrow, I would purchase one of these units as a base station with few concerns.

  • I am currently using a Dadi dtm312A Total station. It has the basic functions (REM, MLM, stake out, offset and coords storage) I am having issues in getting hold of software to download my jobs.( The same can be said for BOIF total stations) I find the telescope average with the optical plummet a tad hazy. The buttons could be a bit more springy and the weight is comparible to a set3 Sokishia. I check the calibration on a regular basis and it seems fine. For the price it gets the job done. It lacks a lot of features for tricky jobs and I still prefer Nikon's for various reasons.
  • Government Professional

    I´m a South (claimed as the best Chinese) theodolite, a Trimble (made in Germany) total station and a Theis (made in Germany) level, so my conclusion is: German is German, Chinese is Chinese, I think that is why BMW doesn´t have factories in China.

    There are some brands that moved their factories to china like Topcon or Pentax, that´s a little bit different but I haven´t had good coments from their users (bad cables, bad electronics, burnt out displays, dust in the keys).

    My South still works fine (used for one year with 5 years warranty, the problem is that the dealer in Argentina has disappeared).

    Look for service and warranty that´s all. if you want trust, precision, quality control then go for Leica, Sokkia, Trimble.

    An old surveyor once told me: good stuff never was cheap.

  • Is it just me, or does this sound like a sales ploy?  This guys English sounds like he was instructed by Mr. Moto.  I've visited China and loved the people, but I have yet to see anything of quality come out of their factories. 



    • Vendor
      Maybe fishing, but who knows. You might want to check the "made in" tag on your next survey instrument Larry, even the big names have moved a lot of manufacturing to China.
    • It's not important where it was made if the brand is to trust, making in china is not bad itself, the problem is when they copy technologie without any quality warranty
    • DOH!!  I don't mind buying clothes from China, but high precision instruments!?  So are you saying my new Topcorn gun could be from there?



  • Besides my surveying work, I also develope commercial surveying programs, which means that I come in contact with most of the Total Stations on the market for interfacing purposes. One thing that I can say is that the Chinese still have a lot to learn when it comes to surveying equipment. Forget the fact that they are a bunch of copycats who feel nothing about copyrights.

    I had Chinese Total Stations that would not work if the temperature was above 40 degrees, or the distances measured were incorrect, or if there was a little bit of dust in the way it would take about minutes to get a reading.

    NO...I would rather pay extra for a Total Station that I can trust and that would work for years without any problems.
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